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Bed Bug Prevention Month In Durham

This is an important time of year to consider the problem bed bugs present. The summer is when we tend to get out more and visit people more. When we do, it is possible to pick up bed bugs. Today, we're going to provide you with some of our best tips and information to help you deal with bed bugs in Durham. While you won't be an expert after reading this article, you'll definitely have a better chance of keeping these pests out of your home.

If you've been struggling with bed bugs and you want fast relief, you can reach out to us immediately through our contact page. We offer industry-leading pest control in Durham. We can get your bed bug problem sorted out.

Why Are Bed Bugs Drawn To Homes In Durham?

There is a common misconception that bed bugs are drawn into homes by certain conditions, such as poor sanitation. This is not the case at all.

Bed bugs don't live in your yard. They're almost exclusively indoor bugs. You're going to get them from other places and bring them home, or someone is going to bring them into your home.

The secret to bed bug control in Durham is knowing how to identify bed bugs and the warning signs they provide.

Signs You Could Be Dealing With A Bed Bug Infestation

You can use detection to catch bed bugs before you bring them home, and also to find them early when they get into your home. Early detection can help you keep bed bugs from creating a problem in your home.

  • Learn what bed bugs look like in all stages of development. Baby bed bugs don't look like adult bed bugs, and they're the ones you're most likely to see. What do baby bed bugs look like? They're about 1/16 of an inch long and they have a pale coloration. If a baby bed bug has had a blood meal, it is likely to look like a tiny red bug.
  • Look for black fecal spotting, streaks, and stains. Bed bugs typically leave their excrement in tight spaces, compressed areas, and voids.
  • Look for shed skins. Bed bugs pass through five instars. Each time, they shed their skins.
  • Look for tiny white eggs. Bed bug eggs are pale, like the baby bed bugs, and about the same size.
  • Use your nose to detect bed bugs. These insects create a scent that can be described as a musty towel.

Use these tips to find bed bugs in hidden places and tight spaces. If you find them, have a vacuum at hand. It is possible to suck them up quickly and dispose of the bag. In some cases, this can address a bed bug problem, particularly if it is done during the day when bed bugs are congregated together and inactive.  

Five Tips To Keep Bed Bugs Out Of Your Home

Knowing how to check for bed bugs is the first step to prevention. Here are five more tips to help you keep bed bugs out of your home:

  1. Bed bugs are attracted to items that have been worn. It is essential to store laundry items in a sealed bag when you are away from home.
  2. When you return home from a trip, wash all your clothes in hot water and run them through a dryer cycle. This is an added precaution that is worth the effort.
  3. Bed bugs can climb into your stuff from other people's stuff. Keep your carriable items away from those of others, and refrain from storing items in lockers or other spaces that are shared.
  4. Always inspect secondhand furniture closely. Look for the warning signs given above. A good tool for inspecting furniture items is a debit card. You can use this to drag along seams and tight spaces to dislodge any hidden materials, such as shed skins, eggs, or the bed bugs themselves.
  5. If you have kids, teach them about where bed bugs hide and how to detect warning signs of a bed bug infestation. They can bring bed bugs home from a friend's house, from school, or from some other external location.

We hope that you find bed bugs outside of your home and stop them from coming home with you. When you discover them in your home, the best solution is to contact a licensed professional.   

Professional Bed Bug Control For Bed Bug Prevention Month

DIY bed bug control is rarely successful. These insects have been living with humans since the dawn of time, they are experts at avoiding our attempts to exterminate them. If you find them in your home, contact us here at The Eco Man Pest Solutions to get local pest control for bed bugs in Durham. Our experienced and highly-trained pest home pest control professionals know what is needed to make sure no bugs remain in your home.

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