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A Guide To Effective Wolf Spider Control In Durham

January 20, 2023 - Spiders

Durham, North Carolina sits only 23 miles from Virginia, at the northeast corner of the central piedmont. It sits between the Appalachian highlands and the Atlantic coast. It’s a lovely area to set down roots and live in because it has abundant forests, hills, streams, and rivers. This lush area is also the perfect environment for the wolf spider, and without pest control in Durham, this large spider may frighten residents.

What Do Wolf Spiders Look Like?

Most people don’t enjoy encounters with the small local spiders in Durham, so it can be quite unsettling when a “big boy” zips past you. One common spider in Durham that has an intimidating appearance and size is the wolf spider.

Characteristics that set wolf spiders apart from other spiders include the following:

  • They are larger than many spiders, measuring 1/2 to 2 inches long.
  • Their bodies are substantial (“beefy”) and quite hairy.
  • Their coats are dull with a dirty gray-brown coloration.
  • You can usually spot marks or stripes down their cephalothorax (head and thorax combination).
  • Their eyes are in two rows of four (two of them are huge).
  • They have eight spiny legs.

Wolf spiders typically stay outside and are incredibly beneficial to the ecosystem, but when they wander indoors, they can be alarming to those in your home. The best way to get rid of wolf spiders safely is with help from the pest professionals at The Eco Man Pest Solutions.

Wolf Spider Bites Are Painful But Rare

As with other spiders, wolf spiders aren’t aggressive by nature, but if you mishandle them, they will strike out in defense. They are typically quite shy and tend to hide in secret places during the day and hunt at night. Most run-ins with a wolf spider are purely accidental, and while bites are rare, a wolf spider’s bite is often painful. Wolf spider bites, for most people, are on the same level as other bug bites (some compare it to a bee sting). People may develop a red bump that swells and gets itchy, but those symptoms typically go away within a few days.

Bites should get washed with soap and water, and an ice pack helps reduce pain and swelling. An over-the-counter antihistamine can help with any itching since it is essential to avoid scratching and infections. In rare cases, people can be allergic to a wolf spider bite. Severe reactions could result in a trip to the doctor, especially if a red line starts to extend from the bite, the bite gets more prominent (like a hive), swelling begins around the mouth and face, or if you get dizzy, lose consciousness, or have breathing difficulties. Since a homeowner’s attempt to rid themselves of wolf spiders could result in a bite, it is always best to call the professionals at The Eco Man Pest Solutions. Our technical pest professionals will ensure that wolf spiders get safely removed from Durham homes.

Six Environmentally Friendly Spider Prevention Tips

Wolf spiders in North Carolina would prefer to stay outside, and homeowners can do much to assist them. With some simple, environmentally friendly steps, homeowners can place barriers between themselves and wolf spiders.

Six ways to make sure wolf spiders stay outside where they belong include:

  1. Seal framing around windows and doors with weatherstripping.
  2. Keep windows and doors closed (especially at night) and ensure screens are in good repair.
  3. Fix any screens on vents that are damaged.
  4. Fix leaky spigots and make sure gutters work and drain correctly.
  5. Fill in cracks, crevices, and holes around foundations with silicone-based caulking.
  6. Keep leaf litter in your yard to a minimum.

Even the most proactive homeowners can still have wolf spiders inside their homes. Call in the pest experts at The Eco Man Pest Solutions when wolf spiders get inside; we’ll ensure they get ushered back outside where they belong.

The Most Effective Spider Control Method For Durham Homes

Wolf spiders don’t pose problems for homeowners until they find their way into homes. When folks use Eco Man Pest Solutions, they receive eco-friendly and Integrated Pest Management solutions to get rid of spiders. Our family-owned and operated company has over 25 years of pest control experience protecting and restoring comfort to families around the Durham area. Our technical pest professionals are well-educated and highly knowledgeable in the pest control industry, meaning they’ve seen and treated almost anything that commonly ends up in homes. Contact The Eco Man Pest Solutions today for a quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Durham.

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