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Are The Local Bats In Durham Something To Be Concerned About?

October 15, 2021 - Bats

Bats are an animal that has a rather bad reputation because of their ability to transmit diseases. Luckily, they aren’t the most common home-invading species in Durham, North Carolina. However, bat infestations do still happen, and having them around your home or business can be dangerous. To help you deal with local bats, this guide goes over everything you need to know about identifying them, their behavior, dangers they carry, and how you can remove them from your property.

What Do Local Bats Look Like?

There are around 1,400 species of bats found worldwide, but there are only a few that you’ll likely find around Durham. The most common of these are the big brown bat, the little brown bat, and the eastern red bat.

The big brown bat is a chocolate brown color with grey or black wings. They have large eyes and rounded ears and get to be about five inches long. The little brown bat looks quite similar, but they are smaller at only around two inches in length. Lastly, the eastern red bat is about three to four inches long with a wingspan of about 13 inches. They have silky red to golden-red fur, rounded ears, and a fluffy-looking face.

Where Will You Find Bats On Your Property?

As you likely know, bats have the ability to hang upside down. They sleep in this position, and if they are outside, they will usually be found resting along the roofline or under eaves. If they do make their way inside, they will often nest in lesser used spaces such as outbuildings, sheds, or attics.

The main reason you’ll find bats around your property is that they are looking for food. At night, bats go on the hunt, and they will eat many different kinds of insects such as gnats, moths, beetles, and mosquitoes. They will usually be drawn into a property because of an excess of other pest problems. The smell of flowering plants may also attract bats as this indicates to them that there are likely to be many insects around.

Just How Dangerous Are Bats?

While bats aren’t likely to attack humans, it doesn’t mean they don’t pose health and safety risks. They will act defensively if they feel the need to protect themselves, and being bitten can be unsafe as bats can spread diseases like rabies and illnesses like the bubonic plague. So, it’s always best to get help from a healthcare provider if you are bitten by a bat.

The other main concern with bats is their feces, known as guano. These droppings can build up on the sides of or inside buildings, leading to property damage. It’s also a health hazard as guano contains a spore called histoplasmosis that causes fungal infection. And, even if bats are only living in outbuildings, these risks can still be present.

How Can You Remove Bats?

If bats have already started living on your property, the safest and most effective way to remove them is with help from The Eco Man Pest Solutions, LLC. Instead of risking a bite or other injury, let our professional team remove these difficult animals. Learn more about our bat control options, or request a quote by giving us a call today! We offer both residential pest control as well as commercial pest management services.

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