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Are There Bats Hiding Around Your Durham Property?

October 15, 2022 - Bats

Dealing with bats on your property can be an unsettling experience. Not only do these creatures conjure up creepy thoughts and make most nightmares and movies scary, but they can carry some serious diseases that can threaten your family’s health. 

Our team at The Eco Man Pest Solutions is committed to providing exceptional pest control in Durham to rid your residence of bats. Read further to learn more about bats' behavior and interesting characteristics and how to have them properly removed.

How To Find Bats That Are Hiding In Your Home

Bats don’t want any of the attention that people give to them. They prefer to hide in dark areas, hanging upside down with their wings wrapped around them like a cape, and remain undisturbed. You may find them hiding behind your shutters, upholstered furniture, draperies, under boards, house plants, or hanging clothes. Bats will also take up residence inside tree cavities in your yard. Effective bat control for your property is as simple as patching up holes and openings that these creatures either hide inside or can gain entry into your house from the outdoors.  

Five Interesting Bat Facts

Bats not only look bizarre, but they have some fascinating habits and behaviors that make them an interesting subject. Of course, these creatures are popular in folklore, old wives' tales, and urban legends, but given all the information people think they know, there may be certain aspects to bats that you’d never guess were true. Check out these five facts about bats you may find fascinating:

  1. Light: They don’t need it to find food as they see perfectly in total darkness.
  2. Mammals: They aren’t rodents or birds, but one of us. 
  3. Waste: Their fecal matter plays a crucial role in developing high-quality fertilizers in the farming industry.
  4. Appetite: They can eat a whopping 600 to 1,200 insects per hour. 
  5. Narrative: They are not blood feeders, as some stories would suggest.

Given their beneficial characteristics, bats can carry very dangerous diseases. Therefore, it’s essential to contact professional bat control in Durham for more information or guidance concerning safely removing them from your property quickly.

How To Go About Bat Removal In Durham

Trained pest and wildlife management professionals should always conduct proper bat removal. The biggest reason is that bats are essential in the smooth running of our ecosystem, specifically in helping to control insect populations. Without bats, insect numbers would skyrocket, leading to human illness, crop failure, and economic decline. Just think about how many mosquitoes and other flying insects bats can eat in only one hour, and then imagine if these animals didn’t exist. 

Professional service technicians use an " exclusion " process that safely and humanely removes bats from your property. Through the use of netting and tubes, this method takes about two to four days to complete. There are no lethal devices or chemicals deployed at any time. Get in touch with a reputable pest management company for further details on this method of bat control.

Bat Removal Made Easy By The Pros At The Eco Man Pest Solutions

Partnering with an experienced pest elimination company is the best way to control bats in Durham. Trained professionals have all the knowledge and resources at their fingertips to remove bats safely from your property, getting you back to your high quality of living as quickly as possible. 

At The Eco Man Pest Solutions, we understand the emotional and mental toll of dealing with bats on your property. Our number one mission is to improve our residents' health, safety, and comfort by restoring indoor and outdoor living spaces to the pest-free environments they were to be. Reach out to us today to request an estimate.

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