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Are You Struggling With Rat Control In Durham?

February 20, 2023 - Rodents

With all the time and effort you put into creating a peaceful and comfortable home for your family to enjoy, it's such a shame how fast rodent invasions can take that all away. These intrusive creatures can make your once-pleasant environment miserable, especially if you fear them. And to make matters worse, they put your health and safety in jeopardy with the plethora of diseases they can carry.

Thankfully, The Eco Man Pest Solutions provides the most advanced pest control in Durham to get rid of a rat problem fast, reestablishing peace, safety, and comfort in your home again. Read further to learn more about these rodents and why partnering with a professional pest management company is the most effective way to eliminate them for good.

How To Identify A Rat Problem On Your Property

Even if you've never experienced a rat issue before, it's a challenge for these critters to remain totally inconspicuous once they've descended upon your property to claim it as their own. And as their population expands, their existence is easily revealed by the clues they leave behind, such as:

  • Rat droppings under the sink, around food packages, and inside cupboards and drawers.
  • Shredded dried plant matter, fabric, or paper used to construct a nest.
  • Gnaw marks on food packaging or containers in your pantry or kitchen area.
  • Holes chewed through floors and walls that create breaches in your home's structure.
  • A pungent, ammonia-like odor wafting through the air.

You may also notice dirty or greasy, dark rub marks across light-colored surfaces, illuminating areas where these creatures run along. If you've spotted any of these critters roaming around your property, contact The Eco Man Pest Solutions right away for professional rat control services.

The Damage And Dangers Of A Rat Infestation In Your Home

Rats are highly destructive creatures that can wreak havoc if they get inside your home. They have razor-sharp incisors that never stop growing, so they spend their entire lives chewing on items to file them down. Unfortunately, your home consists of a bottomless buffet of materials that rodents can gnaw on.

These pests can cause electrical outages and possibly fire if they gain access to your utilities. No material or substance is too tough for their teeth. Rats can chew through metal, plastic, wood, concrete, fiberglass, lead, and brick. They urinate and defecate frequently, and their waste creates airborne particles that you and your family can breathe in, which means you don't have to come into direct contact with them to become ill.

Rats can carry and transmit many diseases, such as tularemia, rat-bite fever, hantavirus, salmonellosis, leptospirosis, and lymphocytic choriomeningitis (LCMV). Get in touch with a reputable pest service for the best rat prevention to thwart invasions.

Effective Tips To Prevent Rats On Your Property

If you want to know how to get rid of rats, remove the elements that lure them to your property. To keep rats out of your residence:

  • Drain any standing or stagnant water, and empty objects that collect it, like buckets and kiddie swimming pools.
  • Use a silicon-based caulk or a similar substance to seal any visible entry points, like holes, gaps, or cracks in your home's foundation. You can also plug up holes using steel wool.
  • Clear away yard clutter that rats can use to build their nests, such as deep mulch and leaf piles. If you do composting, rotate your piles to cover the newly added food scraps. 

For the safest and fastest way to get rid of rodents around your home, contact your local pest control company for further assistance.

Total Rat Control For Durham Homes

If you've been searching for the most reliable way to keep different types of rats in Durham out of your home, look no further than partnering with professional pest specialists. They have the knowledge, background, skills, and access to the most up-to-date resources to wipe out infestations successfully. No do-it-yourself (DIY) method can come close to the superior results experienced technicians can provide.

Since 2015, The Eco Man Pest Solutions has provided exceptional service that consistently keeps our Durham residents' homes and businesses pest-free. We customize our treatment programs to suit your specific situation and personal needs. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff explain the process in full detail, leaving no unanswered questions on the table. Allow us to restore the peacefulness and safety that pest infestations take away. Reach out to us today, so we can get started on your estimate.

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