January 7, 2019

|Technical Pest Control Expert -

      Remember those nights when your parents tucked you in bed, kissed you and said "Don't let the Bed bug bite". Or, when you watched a scary vampire movie, and heard "I want to suck your blood". then you couldn't go to sleep after that? Well, both of those...

May 18, 2018

|Technical Pest Control Expert -

     June and July are typically the hottest months in North Carolina of the year.  I know, I was born and raised in this subtropical climate right along the eastern seaboard.  And with that comes enormous amounts of thunderstorms and excessive rainfall. Just in 2017 a...

July 10, 2017

|Technical Pest Control Expert -

      Remember the tall tale of the three blind Mice? Well, there is some relevance to that due to the fact that Mice are born with film over their eyes that blurs vision. It typically happens during the birthing process coming out of the mothers canal. Which means tha...

July 8, 2017

|Technical Pest Control Expert -

Even the police dispatch has to move to other facilities due to these nerve racking pest...Check out this article. 


June 5, 2017

|Technical Pest Control Expert -

Ants and Cockroaches after the rainy days

May 15, 2017

|Technical Pest Control Expert -

The warm season is upon us and so are the ants!  Imagine you’ve baked your favorite cake, set it on the kitchen counter to cool off and walked away for a minute.  When you return … ANTS everywhere! 

Here’s a little info about ants and their habits, to help you...

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