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Do you Need Commercial Pest Control In Durham?

January 15, 2022 - Commercial Pest Control

Commercial pest control is essential for Durham businesses. In the age of the internet, it’s not just the Health Department you have to worry about. If your customers see a single stray rat or even one cockroach, it could go all over the web and wreck your business reputation. What’s worse, pests may spread diseases that could have your customers facing severe illness or even death. That puts you in danger of devastating lawsuits and insurance premium hikes. That’s why quality commercial pest control is the one thing businesses cannot afford to skimp on. 

Pest Dangers For Businesses

Of course, everyone is aware of the dangers restaurants face when it comes to pests. Rats and mice scurrying around and roaches contaminating food stores are just some of the pest threats restaurants have to deal with. However, other businesses don’t get off scot-free. Stray rats can infest any business that has garbage (which is pretty much every business). Rodents will root through the breakroom trash for the half-sandwich one of your employees tossed out. And roaches are down to infest any bathroom or other moist space. That means even places you wouldn’t think of as ripe for infestation – like print shops or mechanic shops – aren’t off the hook.

Preventative Measures Business Owners Can Take

The thing about commercial pest control cost is that it goes up dramatically if you already have an established infestation. That’s why the most important thing you as a business owner can do to protect your commercial space is take preventative measures to keep pests out. The two most significant pests most businesses have to worry about are cockroaches and rodents. The good news is that both rodent and cockroach prevention involves a lot of the same steps.

For instance, keeping any possible food sources locked down good and tight will help keep both rodents and roaches away from your space. Restaurants should store all their foods in airtight, rigid containers that cockroaches can’t crawl into and rats can’t chew through. Even businesses that don’t deal in food should keep all trash cans covered with tight lids at all times because employees and clients might still toss edible leftovers in the garbage. Also, make sure your employees are cleaning up eating spaces after they finish their meals. This can help prevent not just rodents and roaches but other problem pests like silverfish and ants.

What More You Can Do To Protect Your Commercial Space

The reality is that you can’t control your commercial space like you can control your home. There are too many people coming in and out and too many variables for do-it-yourself (DIY) prevention measures to be all that effective. That means quality commercial pest control should be part of your pest prevention plan and not just something you think about after the fact. The problem for homes and businesses alike is that seeing one cockroach is usually a sign that there are a whole lot more you’re not seeing. The same goes for rats and mice. When you start seeing live rodents and roaches, your rat or cockroach prevention measures have already failed.

As we said above, commercial pest control cost goes up dramatically when that happens. That’s why we encourage you to contact us here at Eco Man Pest Solutions. We offer pest prevention and elimination solutions that are not just environmentally friendly but safe for your customers, your employees, and even your four-legged clients if you have them. Our trained and licensed technicians have tons of experience solving pest problems for commercial spaces in the Durham area. So give us a call or visit our contact page to request your inspection today!

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