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Durham's Complete Guide To Home Pest Control

November 30, 2022 - Home Pest Control

No one likes living with pests; however, many of us get used to invasive species inside our homes. We shrug off the occasional fly, crush the spiders in our living rooms, and ignore the weird sounds coming from inside our walls. We are here today to tell you that you no longer have to ignore pests. There are great and affordable options for pest control in Durham. You just have to know where to look. Today we will be breaking down everything you need to know about local pest control and offering some simple DIY tips to protect your home.

If you think professional services are right for you, call our team at The Eco Man Pest Solutions. Let us show you what pest control services should look like and help you identify a pest infestation inside your home.

Signs You May Benefit From Home Pest Control

There are many ways to know that you could benefit from professional pest control. The first and most obvious sign is that you have pests inside your home. Now, there are many types of pests here in Durham. We have ants, flies, rodents, beetles, cockroaches, bed bugs, and many other invasive species. Most pests in our area are just annoying and cause trouble simply by being indoors. Specific bugs like cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks threaten human health and can get people very sick. On the other side, there are destructive creatures like carpenter ants, carpenter bees, and rodents. These pests cause extensive damage indoors, and you should control them at all costs.

You should know that many local species are hard to identify. Here are a few simple signs to look for to help you spot a pest infestation inside your home:

  • Live pests
  • Fecal droppings
  • Urine or the smell of ammonia
  • Stains on furniture and fabrics
  • Damage to fabrics indoors
  • Torn-up insulation or paper products
  • Water-damage
  • Eggs
  • Shed skin

Let our team visit you for more help spotting pests inside your home. We will perform a detailed inspection and help you better understand your risk. 

What To Expect When Your Home Is Treated For Pests

Finding the right treatment option for your home can be difficult. There are many pests in Durham that you can combat with basic general pest control strategies. Other local species require specialty treatments to remove them from local residences. Take bed bugs as an example. You treat these pests best with heat treatments or fumigation. Both of these strategies require complete isolation of infested areas. Sometimes large tents are used to cover homes when treating for these pests. Other conventional treatments do not require such a drastic approach and mainly involve spray or granular repellants applied to a home's exterior. Call our team to learn more about what pest control would look like for your Durham home and property.

Five Tips To Keep Your Durham Home Pest-Free

If you have time on your hands and are willing to put some effort into protecting your home against pests, we highly recommend looking into DIY prevention options. To start, here are five options to try today:

  1. Make sure to seal your home’s exterior correctly and that all your windows and doors are in good working order.
  2. Install a fence around your yard and garden to deter wild creatures from your property.
  3. Store all leftovers, pet food, and pantry items inside air-tight containers.
  4. Please ensure your trash cans have tight-fitting lids and store them in protected areas.
  5. Address moisture problems like leaky piping, damaged gutters, and high humidity.

For even more protection, consider investing in a dependable pest control plan courtesy of The Eco Man Pest Solutions.

Getting Rid Of The Pests In Your Home For Good

Many local pest control companies will do an excellent job dealing with your pest problems. If you aren’t looking for good services but the best option for your home, choose The Eco Man Pest Solutions. We are a dedicated team of technicians who work hard to help our community members fight back against local invasive species.

Call us today to learn more about Durham's pest problems or schedule your home for a service visit. Let us be your pest control advisor and find a simple solution to meet your need.

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