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FAQs About The Bed Bugs That Live In Durham

November 20, 2022 - Bed Bugs

Most people have heard of bed bugs, but there is probably a lot you don't know about these biting pests. Have you ever wondered, "How do you get bed bugs?", "What are the signs of bed bugs?" or "Do I need professional  pest control in Durham to get rid of bed bugs?" It turns out your neighbors have been wondering the same thing. Here are answers to some of Durham's most frequently asked bed bug-related questions!

How Can I Tell If I Have Bed Bugs?

The first step in determining if you have a bed bug problem is knowing where to look for bed bugs and, more specifically, signs that bed bugs leave. When looking for bed bugs, reference this list of common bed bug signs:

  • Bed Bugs: The most surefire way to tell if you're dealing with bed bugs is to find bugs crawling around in your bed. If they are bed bugs, they will be tiny, brown bugs with flat bodies that resemble apple seeds (or reddish-brown and engorged after they've eaten). Check out our bed bug identification guide for more information about bed bugs!
  • Bed Bug Bites: The other obvious sign that everyone thinks of when it comes to bed bugs is bed bug bites. If you wake up covered in itchy, red bug bites, you likely have a bed bug problem. These bites appear in clusters or a zig-zag pattern across the skin.
  • Bed Bug Eggs: Bed bug eggs are tiny and range from transparent to pale white. These eggs are sticky, look like little grains of rice, and are typically found around seams or folds in fabric on mattresses, box springs, or furniture. If you see these eggs, this means bed bugs are reproducing in your home.
  • Shed Skins: You may also find shed bed bug skins on or near your bed. These molted skins will look similar to bed bugs but will be a lighter brown color and semi-transparent.
  • Stains: Finding rust-colored blood stains or dark streaks of excrement on your mattress, sheets, upholstery, or walls is a strong indication of bed bug activity.
  • Musty Odor: If you have a bed bug infestation, you may notice a musty odor in your home.

Contact Eco Man Pest Solutions if you see any of the above bed bug signs.

How Did Bed Bugs Come Into My Home?

You've likely heard of someone dealing with a bed bug infestation, whether it's a friend battling a bed bug problem, an unhappy review from a guest who found bed bugs in their hotel room, or a sudden outbreak at your kids' school, but where do bed bugs come from exactly? The answer to this is anywhere we are. Airports, hotels, friends' houses, shopping malls, taxis, office buildings, schools, movie theaters—you name it, bed bugs can be there.

Unlike other pests, bed bugs don't enter our homes by crawling inside. These parasites only get into our homes by being carried inside. However, they can enter inside through many different avenues.

  • The most common way bed bugs get inside is by crawling onto our clothes or climbing into purses, luggage, or other personal belongings while in public so they can hitch a ride home with us. Bed bugs can enter your home on you, your partner, your kids, or visiting family and friends.
  • Since bed bugs love being around people, vacation destinations are hotspots for bed bugs. Whether it's picking them up at the airport, in your hotel room, from a popular tourist destination, or while using public transportation, traveling increases your risk of encountering bed bugs.
  • Similarly to lice, school children can share bed bugs. These biting pests also thrive in college dorm rooms, and when your kids return home from school or visit while on break from college, they could accidentally bring bed bugs home with them.
  • Bed bugs can also enter your home on secondhand mattresses, furniture, and clothing purchased at thrift stores or yard sales.

How Quickly Can Bed Bug Problems Escalate?

Unfortunately, bed bugs can reproduce quite quickly. For reference, a female bed bug can lay up to 12 eggs daily; you could go from one-bed bug in your home to a full-blown infestation before you know it. Once they establish themselves in your home, bed bugs can be challenging to eliminate, making matters worse.

Professional Bed Bug Control Formulated For Durham Residents

When it comes to bed bugs, DIY just doesn't cut it. At the first sign of bed bugs, the best option for your home and family is to contact a bed bug pest control company near you. At The Eco Man Pest Solutions, we offer reliable bed bug services in Durham to help eliminate your bed bug problem efficiently and effectively. Reach out to our team to learn more about our Durham pest control options for bed bugs or to schedule your bed bug treatment!

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