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Five Tips To Keeping Squirrels Out Of Your Durham Home

December 05, 2021 - Squirrels

Most often when pests invade homes, they do their best to stay quiet and out of sight. Cockroaches only come out at night and hide under large appliances during the day. Spiders build webs in secluded areas or hide inside storage rooms. Even stink bugs try to hide indoors although they are not good at it.

All of this is to say, if squirrels are inside your home, you will know it. These larger, bushy-tailed rodents break into attic spaces and make a fair amount of noise when they do so. If you don’t want to hear these pests scampering around above your head, here are five tips for keeping squirrels out of your Durham home.

Cap Your Chimney

Squirrels are extremely dexterous creatures that regularly climb onto homes by tightrope walking across electrical wires, scaling exteriors, or jumping from nearby hanging tree limbs. When on top of homes, squirrels look for easy access to get inside.

One way they do this is by crawling down through chimneys. They will not do this if a chimney is actively emitting smoke and heat. They will also not climb down if a cap is in place to stop them. We recommend hiring someone to make sure your home’s chimney is undamaged and equipped with a quality rodent-proof cap.

Repair Damage To Your Home’s Exterior

Another way squirrels find their way into homes is by crawling through exterior damage. They find entry points along damaged rooflines, siding, shingles, and foundational blocks. If a hole, gap, or crack is not large enough for a squirrel to squeeze indoors, they might use their sharp teeth to make it larger.

If you didn’t know, squirrels are capable of gnawing through materials like vinyl siding, wood, and plastic. Make sure squirrels are not finding their way indoors by repairing damage to your home’s exterior and sealing holes, gaps, and cracks in your foundation using a caulking gun and some steel wool.

Make Sure Your Windows & Doors Are Sealed

One way squirrels get indoors is by climbing through unprotected windows and doors. The best way to guard these potential entry points is to invest in quality screens, make sure framing is snug without holes, gaps, or cracks, and keep unscreened windows and doors closed when they are not in use.

Remove Squirrel Attractants From Your Home & Property

There are many factors that attract squirrels to properties. The top three are available food sources, moisture, and shelter opportunities. These bushy-tailed pests find food in yards in the form of dropped nuts and berries along with seeds from bird feeders. They find moisture in puddles, clogged gutters, ornate ponds, and areas where rainfall collects.

Finally, squirrels find shelter inside of tree holes, ground burrows, and other secluded areas. Limit their access to these attractants by picking up nuts and berries, investing in squirrel-proof bird feeders, eliminating moisture build-up, filling in ground burrows, and installing a fence around your yard and garden.

Hire A Professional

If squirrels break into your home and you need a fast and reliable solution to get them out, look no further than THE ECO MAN PEST SOLUTIONS, LLC. Our team of trained technicians understands pest behaviors and has access to advanced control products like traps, treatments, and identification equipment. We will evaluate your home and property for signs of squirrels and put in place quick working solutions to get and keep them out.

Contact us today to learn more about our squirrel control service and find a time to have your Durham property inspected for pest pressures.

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