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Fleas In Your Durham Home Are A Bigger Problem Than You May Think

February 12, 2023 - Fleas

Durham, North Carolina, may be known as the "City of Medicine." Still, residents know that if fleas invade their homes, Durham can quickly become the "City of Fleas." A female flea may only live about 100 days, but she can produce 2,000 offspring in that time.

Fleas are one of the biggest reasons for pest control in Durham in homes. The insects are small, they reproduce quickly, and by the time you realize they are present in your yard or home, you usually have an infestation.

How To Tell If It's Fleas In Your Home

Flea bites are often the first sign of these insects living in your home. Flea bites look like small red bumps, often in a straight line or a cluster. The red lumps are usually located on your ankles or feet. Still, it is not uncommon for them to be found on your waist, groin, armpits, or in the skin folds of your elbows and knees. The bites usually itch and irritate your skin, causing a possible flea dermatitis.

Other common signs of fleas in your Durham home include:

  • Seeing the insects on your pets
  • Pets losing hair or having red patches of skin
  • Pets scratching more or grooming more
  • Small black flecks of flea dirt on carpets and pet beds

When fleas come inside your Durham home, they are likely to take refuge in your carpets, bed, furniture, and even the cracks and crevices of hardwood floors.

Why Having Fleas In Your Home Is A Health Risk

Fleas in Durham are the most common transmitter of the bubonic plague. According to the National Library of Medicine, in Europe during the fourteenth century, more than 25 million people died due to the bubonic plague.

Although the bubonic plague is not generally a concern here in Durham, fleas can bring a host of other health risks into your home. Some of the other health conditions related to fleas are murine typhus, bartonellosis, and tularemia. Fleas do not just pose health risks to humans; they can cause pets anemia, tapeworms, and skin conditions such as hair loss.

Why It's So Hard To Get Rid Of Flea Infestation On Your Own

The flea life span is relatively short, so why is it so hard to get rid of fleas? One of the reasons why these pests are tricky to get rid of is that the female will lay 50 or 60 eggs daily. If the eggs are on your pet, then when your pet walks through your house, the eggs fall off. The eggs hatch in 1 to 10 days, depending on the temperature and other environmental factors of where they are living. In 5 to 20 days, the newly hatched larvae transform into their pupa stage, and they can remain inside these cocoons at this stage for several days or weeks.

Suppose the insects are living in your bed. In that case, or if they're in carpeting or furniture, each female deposits 50 or more eggs in that furniture daily. Another reason you need a pro is that the DIY treatment options are ineffective.

Call The Pros For Total Flea Control For Your House

If you suspect fleas are living in your home or yard, get a quote from The Eco Man Pest Solutions for flea control that is safe and effective. We have been in business for more than 25 years, and our technical pest pros will use their experience and knowledge to help you create an integrated treatment plan that will rid your Durham home of fleas for good.

Our motto is "It's not about the bugs; it's about the people," which is why we use eco-friendly solutions to control the pests that are bothering our customers.

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