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How To Keep The Mosquitoes In Durham At Bay

June 30, 2022 - Ants

There are around 200 different types of mosquito species in the U.S., and 60 of them are in North Carolina alone! As these pests are known vectors of various diseases, learning how to get rid of mosquitoes through effective pest control services is a responsible part of being a Durham resident.

Part of keeping mosquitoes at bay also lies in your yard maintenance. Could negligence to your own yard be the reason mosquitoes have infested your yard? Is it very possible? If you notice you're scratching more at night, you hear a faint and constant buzzing sound, or you have visible standing water in your yard, there's a good chance your property has a mosquito infestation.

Why Do We Need Mosquitoes?

As annoying as mosquitoes are, it's easy to wonder 'what good are mosquitoes' and think that they serve no purpose except to annoy humans and drink our blood. But, believe it or not, mosquitoes are a very important part of our ecosystem.

You may not know this, but mosquitoes are pollinators, and for many mosquito species, their main source of food is the nectar of flowers (not blood). They transfer pollen from flower to flower just like any other pollinator. Aside from being pollinators, mosquitoes are also food sources to other wildlife, insects, and aquatic larvae.

Everything You Should Know About Mosquito Control

Mosquitoes reproduce rapidly, making it hard to get rid of them once infesting your outdoor space. That alone is one of the reasons why Durham pest control services are the only solution. Aside from that, mosquitoes pose a serious health risk.

Mosquitoes are known vectors of the West Nile virus, dengue fever, and eastern equine encephalitis. There's no one treatment for these diseases as they affect people differently, so once an infected mosquito bites you and you start to display fever-like symptoms, you need to seek medical attention. Because of this, mosquito control is extremely important for Durham properties.

Our mosquito control process starts with an inspection to determine where the female mosquitoes lay their eggs on your property. From there, we provide our eco-friendly treatments (we use backpack fogging treatment). The great thing about our treatments is that they don't just treat mosquitoes but also fleas, chiggers, and ticks too! 

Our target areas are foliage and shrubbery, standing water, and shaded areas when applying our treatments. For more information about our treatment process, or even for a one-time treatment specifically for a special occasion, give us a call!

Why Do Mosquitoes Need Blood To Live?

Technically, only female mosquitoes need blood meals, although they also eat flower nectar. But female mosquitoes need blood from humans or animals to reproduce. The protein in our blood is required to develop eggs. Male mosquitoes eat flower nectar only.

Keep The Mosquitoes Out Of Your Durham House For Good

Mosquitoes are indeed pests you want to maintain their place in the world because they play a significant role in our ecosystem. However, that doesn't mean that you and mosquitoes need to coexist on your Durham property. 

From diseases carried by mosquitoes to itchy, red bumps on your skin, mosquito control isn't removing them from the entire planet, just from your yard. Contact The Eco Man Pest Solutions for all your mosquito control needs.

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