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Rodent Control Done The Right Way For Your Durham Home

December 20, 2022 - Rodents

Many people are terrified of finding a rat or mouse in their Durham home. These common house pests infest properties to access easy food, water, and shelter sources. Unfortunately, rodents cause many problems for homeowners when they invade.

In this article, we’ll describe the many types of wild rodents that infest homes and the secret to removing them. At Eco Man Pest Solutions, we work hard to eliminate pest problems so you can focus on the things that matter most. We’re committed to delivering top-quality pest control in Durham that will eliminate current infestations and prevent them from reoccurring. If you’re ready to say goodbye to rodent problems, contact Eco Man Pest Solutions today!

Types Of Rodents That Commonly Invade Homes

When facing any pest problem, it’s helpful to understand what kind of pest you’re up against. Thankfully, only a few types of rodents commonly invade homes in Durham: house mice, roof rats, and Norway rats. Here's how to differentiate them:

  • House mice are cautious creatures that may build their nests at ground level or off the ground. They have brown or gray fur with lighter-colored bellies and hairless tails.
  • Roof rats get their name from their agile nature and climbing habits. They have thin bodies with dark brown fur and gray, white, or black undersides.
  • Norway rats are the largest rodents to invade residential properties and often infest basements and lower levels of homes. These rodents have blunt noses, small eyes, brown fur, and lighter underbellies. 

Whether you’re dealing with house mice or Norway rats, you shouldn’t have to face them alone. Partner with our technicians from Eco Man Pest Solutions for all your pest control needs. We’re ready to defend your home from all shapes and sizes of rodents. 

Rodents Can Cause Many Problems Around Your Home

Some rodents seem too small and cute to cause problems in your home. However, rodents can cause significant issues on your property, no matter their size. One of the most critical problems mice and rats cause is their tendency to damage property. All rodents have large front incisors that grow continuously throughout their lives. Rodents must chew on things and wear them down to prevent their teeth from growing too long. Unfortunately, home-invading rodents often chew on structural beams, furniture, pipes, and electrical wires. If these pests chew through a live wire, they can cause electrical shortages or even house fires.

Another problem rodents cause is the spread of dangerous diseases. Rodents can transmit diseases such as rat-bite fever, tularemia, and salmonellosis to humans.

Protect your home and family from rodents and the many problems they cause by investing in professional services from Eco Man Pest Solutions. We understand how to get rid of rodents and keep them away long-term. Reach out to us today for more details about our pest management solutions. 

Why Do-It-Yourself Rodent Control Often Fails

It’s only natural to start researching ways to eliminate a rodent infestation when you spot a mouse or rat running across your kitchen floor. However, online DIY rodent control solutions usually waste time, money, and effort. You may eliminate a few rodents with snap traps and over-the-counter rodenticides, but you won’t solve the root of your pest problem. Many rodents start avoiding traps when they realize how dangerous they are, even if you use their favorite treats as bait.

The best way to remove mice and rats from your home is with effective rodent control services from Eco Man Pest Solutions. With over 25 years of experience controlling and preventing pest problems, we’re ready to defend your home from the area’s toughest pests. Don’t allow rodents to invade your Durham home and threaten your health. Instead, turn to Eco Man Pest Solutions today for year-round protection from pests. 

The Secret To Complete Rodent Control For Your Home

Controlling a rodent infestation on your own is often tiring and unsuccessful. Not only are rodents elusive, but they can also bite or scratch if they feel threatened. The safest and most effective way to get rid of rodents is by implementing a professional rodent control plan from a reliable pest control provider like Eco Man Pest Solutions. Providing Durham homeowners with excellent pest management solutions is our top priority. With our skilled technicians on the job, you can rest assured that your home will remain free of rodents and other common pests year-round. 

Contact Eco Man Pest Solutions today and receive effective solutions that get the job done right. 

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