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The Easiest Way To Deter The Rats That Live In Durham

November 05, 2022 - rats

Rats are not the most friendly creatures. Most large rodents do not socialize well, even when kept as pets. If you owned a wonderfully cuddly pet rat as a kid, you were one of the lucky ones. Today most people do not think of rats as cuddly or wonderful, but instead as terrible house pests. We are going to talk about this today.

Here is what you should know about the rats in Durham and the easiest way to deter these pests. Contact our team at The Eco Man Pest Solutions if you are facing an active rodent problem inside your home. We will visit you and show you what pest control in Durham should be.

Where Do Rats Typically Hide?

When rats invade homes here in Durham, they do so quietly to avoid detection. When indoors, these pests gravitate to secluded areas with little foot traffic; this includes wall voids, crawl spaces, cellars, attics, and storage rooms. We recommend checking these areas for nests and other signs of rats, including fecal droppings, urine pillars, torn-up fabrics, insulation, and paper products. If you are having trouble identifying these pests inside your home, bring in our team for a thorough pest inspection. Let us duck, crawl, and wipe away webs while looking for rats, so you don’t have to.

Are The Rats In Durham Hard To Get Rid Of?

If you are planning on combatting a rat infestation inside your home on your own, there are some things you should know. First, when misused, rodenticides are harmful to human health and should be exclusively left to professionals. Second, glue traps are inhumane and not as effective as other conventional traps. Third, rats reproduce rapidly. If you do not catch these pests fast, they will make babies. The easiest way to control an infestation inside your home is to contact experts for help.

Five Ways To Deter Rats That Live In Durham

Before we talk about professional rat pest control, we feel you should know how to defend your home on your own. In some cases, these prevention strategies are enough to deter these pests. That said, here is how to prevent rats in five steps:

  1. Use some caulking gun and steel wool to fill in holes, gaps, and cracks around your home’s exterior foundation.
  2. Repair rips, tears, and damage to window and door screens.
  3. Clean your living areas frequently and do your best to keep clutter to a minimum.
  4. Store your leftovers, pet food, and pantry items inside tough, sealable containers.
  5. Fix leaky pipes, clean out your gutters, and address other moisture problems inside and around your home.

To get rid of rats inside your home, your best option is to partner with a professional. We have many great and comprehensive options at The Eco Man Pest Solutions if you are interested.

Total Rat Control For Durham Residents

The last thing you need is a group of rats to run amuck inside your home. Get our team at The Eco Man Pest Solutions involved to combat these pests quickly. We use eco-friendly options to trap and remove rodents here in Durham. We would be happy to inspect your home for these pests and work out a quick service plan to get them out fast.

Call us today for more information on how to get rid of rats fast and schedule your Durham home for a service visit.

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