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The Fleas In Durham Can Bring You More Than Just A Headache

February 28, 2022 - Fleas

Fleas are pests in Durham that most people only worry about if they have pets. These pests do live on the fur of various animals, and they are commonly an issue for cats and dogs. However, many people don't know that fleas can infest households without pets, too. Fleas can be brought around by other pests such as rodents and wildlife, and once inside, they pose many dangers for Durham homeowners. Find out more about how to prevent fleas in this guide.

Signs Of A Flea Infestation In Your Durham Home

Fleas will pass from animal to animal, and once they get inside, they can also live in carpets or other cloth items. They don't actually live on humans as hosts, but they can and do still bite people.

Some of the main signs of fleas around your property include:

  • Pets scratching and biting at their fur constantly.
  • Discovering something that looks like dark dirt on pet fur or on the carpet; this is known as flea dirt.
  • Bite marks around your ankles and feet. Fleas can jump quite far given their small size, which allows them to bite when you are walking across the floor.

Once you spot these signs, you very likely have these pests, and it's time to reach out for help with how to prevent fleas. 

Can Fleas In My Durham House Cause A Rash?

While fleas are a rather common issue, many people don't know that much about them. And, if you don't have pets, you might never have thought about them or worried about them at all. Fleas are also extremely small at only around 1/8 of an inch long, so you might not realize they are there at first.

But, even though many people don't worry about fleas, they do pose some health risks. The first health problem to worry about is rashes. While not all flea bites will lead to a rash, this does happen in many cases. The rash usually develops when people are allergic to their bites, but it can take up to 24 hours for a rash to form. Other signs of fleas bites include extreme itchiness and a halo shape around the bite site. 

Do Fleas In Durham Spread Disease?

Itchy bug bites are never fun to deal with, but fleas aren't just annoying. While most bites won't necessarily lead to any illnesses, fleas can carry and spread illnesses to both people and pets. In fact, they were responsible for the spread of the "Great Plague" of historical infamy. Fleas can spread the bubonic plague, flea-borne typhus, and more. They can also impact the health of any pest that you have.

Because of these risks, if you do spot signs of fleas, make sure to reach out to the flea control experts at The Eco Man Pest Solutions, LLC.

How Do I Get Rid Of Fleas In My Durham House?

Fleas are tiny and invasive, and it can be difficult to find everywhere they are living inside your home once they get inside. However, the flea control experts at The Eco Man Pest Solutions, LLC. are here to help. We provide residential pest control plans that address fleas and the wildlife and rodents that can bring them around.

Learn more about protecting your home from fleas by giving us a call today.

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