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Tick Control 101: Protecting Your Durham Property

May 30, 2023 - Ticks

Ticks in Durham are a consistent problem in the Durham area, especially in the spring and late summer to early fall. Tick bites can be painless, and you often don’t know you have a tick on you until you visually see it. Ticks are widespread, and your chances of encountering them while outside are high. Unfortunately, ticks can carry infectious pathogens and can spread them to every host they feed on. If you are having a problem with ticks in your yard, you may soon also have a problem with the diseases they carry.

If you’re dealing with a tick infestation in your Durham yard, The Eco Man Pest Solutions can help. We know pest control in Durham, and we can get rid of ticks and keep them away. Call us today.

What Exactly Is A Tick?

Ticks are small, blood-feeding insects. A tick can range in size from tiny – the size of a pinhead – all the way up to the size of a pencil eraser. They need blood to survive and are constantly on the hunt for it. Ticks are small, have eight legs, and have no antennae. They do not fly, and they are not fast runners. Ticks get on hosts by transferring to them when they brush by foliage and grass that ticks are on or by dropping down from above. During the active tick season, there is a constant risk of encountering ticks. Ticks are hungry and don’t mind if you are on the menu.

If you’re struggling with ticks in Durham, call The Eco Man Pest Solutions. We know how to get rid of ticks and how to keep them away later.

Tick Bites Can Be Very Dangerous

Tick bites are offensive in and of themselves, and finding a tick on you can be upsetting. Unfortunately, tick bites can expose you to health risks. If a tick feeds on a host infected with a dangerous pathogen, that pathogen can then live inside the tick. When the tick later feeds on other hosts, it can inject these pathogens into the host. Ticks inject saliva as they feed to keep blood from thickening. When they inject their saliva, they also inject the pathogen they are carrying. Ticks are associated with things like Rocky Mountain spotted fever, ehrlichiosis, tularemia, and alpha-gal allergies. 

The Eco Man Pest Solutions is the best tick control company in Durham. Get in touch with us today if you are struggling with tick infestations.

Effective Tick Prevention Tips For Your Yard

Given that ticks can be dangerous, here are some tips for reducing your chances of encountering ticks in your Durham yard:

  • Tightly seal garbage: Exposed garbage can draw many types of rodents in wildlife into your yard. Ticks will locate themselves in your yard to take advantage of that. Seal garbage tightly to discourage both rodents and ticks.
  • Trim bushes and hedges: Overgrown bushes and hedges give ticks plenty of hiding places. Keeping your bushes and hedges well-trimmed can decrease the number of ticks in your yard.
  • Mow grass: Ticks are very attracted to tall grass. They situate themselves there and wait for passing hosts to climb on. Keeping your grass mowed can keep ticks from being able to do so.
  • Seal your home: Many types of pests will use openings in your house to come inside. Sealing your house well can discourage pests of all kinds, including ticks.
  • Wear protective clothing: If you are outside when ticks are active, wearing protective clothing can help keep you safe. Ticks may crawl onto your clothing, but they won’t be able to bite you directly.
  • Wear repellants: Wearing repellant also keeps ticks away. These repellants contain scents that drive ticks away.

These are some things you can do to help keep your yard safe from ticks. Ticks are everywhere and may still make it onto your property. If you’re dealing with a tick infestation on your Durham property, The Eco Man Pest Solutions can help.

The Most Effective Tick Control For Your Property

A tick infestation in Durham can be difficult to address using ineffective DIY techniques. For example, bait boxes may take longer than other management techniques to impact the tick population. You may get some of them, but you won’t get all of them, and surviving ticks will remain a problem. The most effective way to deal with ticks in your Durham Yard is to call The Eco Man Pest Solutions professionals.

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