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What To Expect If You Have Bed Bugs In Your Durham Home

January 20, 2023 - Bed Bugs

The friendly people of Durham, North Carolina, have a beautiful city to share with folks coming in for a visit. One way to see Durham in all its glory is by signing up for a walking tour. Carefully planned walking tours will have people of all ages immersed in all the unique historical and cultural diversity that has made Durham great. One pest in the Durham area that is an avid sightseer is the bed bug. Without pest control in Durham, this well-traveled pest could start looking for a permanent residence.

Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

Bed bugs in Durham are hitchhiking pests that slip into homes unannounced. These visiting bugs only require one thing, your blood. Once they find a supplier, it won't be long before signs of their presence become hard to deny.

Five signs that point to a bed bug infestation include:

  1. You experience red, swollen, and itchy bites on your body in an uneven or cluster pattern. (Homeowners shouldn't rely upon bites alone to diagnose bed bug infestations; however, if other bed bug signs accompany bites on your body, it's an excellent way to confirm.)
  2. You find reddish-brown fecal spots (like a bleeding marker) on furniture, walls, and mattresses.
  3. You find pale eggshells/eggs or molted skins attached to surfaces.
  4. You see live bed bugs crawling on surfaces (about the size of an apple seed).
  5. You smell a permeating musty odor around your home.

Discovering that you have a bed bug problem is upsetting. The Eco Man Pest Solutions offers bed bug pest control services for your Durham home that can bring your home back to its former stress and pest-free condition.

What's It Like To Have A Bed Bug Infestation In Your Home

Bed bug infestations are miserable. While they don't transmit diseases, these little buggers bite! Bed bugs have a long "beak" that pierces the skin and siphons blood. (It can take three to ten minutes to fill their tank.) Since bed bug bites are usually painless, people rarely know they are getting bitten until they notice red, itchy, and swollen welts on their skin (typically on arms and legs, but they can also affect your back, shoulders, neck, and face). When homeowners find bites and other bed bug indicators, infestations are typically already out of control. Bites can drive you crazy, and the effects of a bite can last a week or more. If people continually scratch bites, then a secondary problem of infection can result. Nobody is happy when bed bugs are on the prowl, and getting rid of them is challenging.

Why It's Impossible To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs On Your Own

Bed bug removal is not for the faint of heart. Even professionals claim that bed bugs in Durham are one of the most challenging pests to eradicate from homes. If the pros say they're hard to eliminate, homeowners who try to remove them alone are most likely doomed to fail.

Once bed bugs enter homes, they immediately search for a blood supplier; that's why they often end up in bedrooms (where heavy infestations typically occur). Bed bugs usually feast on blood under cover of darkness and retreat to cracks and crevices around your home while they digest their meal and breed, so it can be tough to locate them.

Also compounding the removal problem is the fact that they breed like crazy. Females lay up to five eggs daily, meaning bed bug numbers can increase exponentially. As their populations grow and blood supplies begin to thin out, bed bugs will spread into other rooms in your home to look for additional blood. Bed bugs are also quite hardy; they can withstand temperature extremes and survive.

On top of everything else, they can go months without topping off their blood supply, which often tricks homeowners into thinking their problem is resolved, only to have them return repeatedly. With this type of tenacious pest, homeowners need expert bed bug control services in Durham to help ensure total bed bug removal; The Eco Man Pest Solutions is a homeowner's best choice.

Turn To The Professionals As Soon As You See A Bed Bug

Bed bugs are a force to be reckoned with; therefore, local pest control for bed bugs is vital. The Eco Man Pest Solutions pest professionals service the Durham area and offer same-day service for our valued customers. Our technical pest professionals have over 25 years of pest removal experience, which means we are experts at bed bug removal. Our family-owned and operated company protects our customers' homes and comfort. Call The Eco Man Pest Solutions today to get a free quote and to learn more about our residential and commercial pest control services in Durham.

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