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Do You Have Dangerous Spiders Lurking In Your Durham Home?

In the United States, we only have two kinds of spiders that are considered to be of medical importance. Can you guess which two? Yes. Black widow spiders and brown recluse spiders. It is important to keep in mind that brown widow spiders and several recluse spider species fall into these two categories.

In our area, these spiders can get into homes. While all spiders are horrible houseguests, dangerous spiders are the worst. Today, we're going to take a look at a few questions you might have if you're concerned about dangerous spiders, and we will discuss what you can do when you find these spiders in your house.

If I Find A Spider In My Durham Home, Are There More?

Let's assume you've seen a widow or recluse spider. Is it a sign that you are in danger, or that you have lots of these spiders in your home?

Black Widow Spiders

These spiders don't prefer to live in homes. If you see a black widow in your home, it is likely to be the only one. There is also a good chance it will find its way back outside. This is true of brown widows as well.

Brown Recluse Spiders

These spiders do quite well inside, and they are known to create large populations. If you see one of these spiders, it is likely that there are more lurking in your home.

How To Identify A Spider Bite In Durham

Let's assume you woke up this morning and you had a wound on your skin that you think might be a widow or recluse bite. If it is, then you know you have dangerous spiders lurking in your Durham home.

Black Widow Spiders

If you're bitten by a black widow and it envenomates the wound, you will wake up. It is possible to get a dry bite. If you do, it will feel like a pinprick and may not cause enough localized pain to wake you up. A dry bite may result in nothing more than two tiny red puncture wounds on your skin. Unlike bites from common house spiders, a dry bite from a black widow spider will probably not look like a swollen, itchy mound.

Brown Recluse Spiders

If you're bitten by a recluse spider during sleep, you may not wake up. It is fairly easy to tell a brown recluse bite (if indeed it is a brown recluse bite). At the center of the wound you'll see an ulcer. This is localized necrosis that can spread through your tissue. Unfortunately, these spiders aren't the only spiders that can cause a wound with an ulcer.

If you're bitten by a yellow sac spider, it can look like a recluse bite. Since the yellow sac spider bites people more than any other spider, you can't tell that you have a recluse infestation by examining a bite. You'll need to collect a spider specimen. Yellow sac spiders and common house spiders are the two spiders most likely to bite you while you sleep.   

Can I Kill Spiders In My Durham House With Cleaning Products?

There are lots of things that can kill spiders in your house. But, if you want to get rid of spiders, we don't recommend using cleaning products to do it. Here are two important reasons why:

  1. Mixing certain household products can create a deadly gas. You can also mix something that just makes you really sick.
  2. Sprays are topical. They don't get into the places where dangerous spiders hide.

If you want to get rid of spiders, we can understand why you might consider mixing a deadly spray to kill the spiders in your house, but the best way to get rid of spiders is actually not toxic at all.

Can I Get Spiders Out Of My Durham Home On My Own?

There are things you can do to address all spiders in your home. These natural methods can have a big impact:

  • Inspect your home and remove webs. Destroy any egg sacs you find. This will help to reduce spider populations.
  • Seal your exterior walls, fix damaged screens, and replace weatherstripping that isn't doing a good job. This will work to help keep insects out of your home and potentially starve the spiders enough to make them want to leave.
  • Reduce moisture and get rid of water sources in your home. Leaking faucets are a good example of how spiders will get a drink in your home. If you don't want dangerous spiders in your home, you need to take steps to make sure no droplets of water or condensation are available to spiders at night while they're active.

When It Is Time To Call A Professional

If spider control products are needed, it is best to have a licensed pest management professional handle the task of removing spiders from your home. If you live in Durham, the service team here at The Eco Man Pest Solutions can help. Reach out to us today for quality residential pest control.

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