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Durham Property Owners’ Guide To Effective Wildlife Control

For Durham property owners, wildlife control can be a major concern. There’s a variety of pests that may try to invade your home, including:

  • Raccoons: Raccoons may wander onto your property to look for food, but if these critters manage to get inside your attic, they’re almost impossible to eliminate.
  • Bats: Bats prefer to hunt insects, but a barn, attic, or basement provides them with all the warm shelter they could want.
  • Squirrels: Flying squirrels, which glide from tree to tree, are a significant concern for Durham residents and may gain access to your home through roofline openings.
  • Birds: There’s a variety of birds that may cause issues near your Durham home, including pigeons, starlings, sparrows, woodpeckers, and even hawks.
  • Opossums: While their first instinct may be to “play dead,” opossums may also hiss, growl, or even attack humans if they feel threatened enough.
  • Snakes: Most of the snakes that you encounter on your property are harmless, but sheltered places like your home or barn may attract these reptiles and make them tricky to eliminate. There is always a small risk that you could be dealing with a venomous species, like rattlesnakes, that could require you to seek medical attention if bitten.

Whether you’re dealing with bats, raccoons, or snakes, having wildlife run rampant on your Durham property spells bad news. Here’s what homeowners should know about the damage that wildlife can cause to your home, the safest way to control them, and what The Eco Man Pest Solutions can do to help.

How Dangerous Is Wildlife In Durham, NC?

Unfortunately, most wildlife that wanders onto your property and into your Durham home is less than harmless – many of them carry dangerous diseases. However, even if they don’t, they can still cause property damage or lash out at your family.

Raccoons and bats can carry the fatal viral disease, rabies, which may spread to you or your family if you’re bitten. However, disease isn’t the only health concern with wildlife – once they’re inside your home, squirrels, snakes, and other types of wildlife may become territorial and aggressive if they feel threatened.

It’s not uncommon for these pests to lash out when they’re cornered, which can put the safety of you, your family, or even your pets at risk. Opossums aren’t as likely to lash out as raccoons or bats are, but on rare occasions, they can still attack or scratch you if you come too close.

Besides the health risks, most wildlife aren’t shy about causing property damage either. Squirrels may chew through electrical wiring, while raccoons could destroy the insulation in your walls to create their nests.

The Safest Way To Control Wildlife In Durham, NC

Trying to remove wildlife from your home or property on your own isn’t just ineffective – it’s incredibly dangerous, and significantly increases the risk of you or your family getting bitten or scratched by a threatened wild animal. For this reason, it’s best to leave wildlife removal up to the professionals – like those of us at Eco Man Pest Solutions.

Our professionals have the experience and the gear to keep your home pest-free. If you’ve noticed any wildlife around your Durham property, there’s no reason to wait – contact us at The Eco Man Pest Solutions today for more information about our wildlife control services.

How The Eco Man Pest Solutions Can Help Durham, NC Homeowners

At The Eco Man Pest Solutions, the first step in our wildlife control process is an inspection. We’ll visit your Durham property to figure out which type of pest has invaded your home or property as well as what entry-points they’ve used to get inside. From there, we’ll come up with an individualized treatment plan to get the pest out of your home. Treatment can vary depending on what type of wildlife you’ve got, but all of our treatment plans adhere to state laws.

While some pest management services might stop there, our job isn’t done yet. We want to make sure your home and property continue to stay pest-free, so we’ll block or seal off any entrances that other pests could use to gain access to your home. Keeping your Durham property wildlife-free is our number one priority at The Eco Man Pest Solutions, and our process starts with the phone call you make to us.

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