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High Point, NC Pest Control

Fast-Acting Pest Control In High Point, NC

As part of the Piedmont Triad area, High Point is one of the largest cities in North Carolina. This city is a part of four separate counties, including Guilford, Randolph, Davidson, and Forsyth. High Point has been nicknamed "North Carolina's International City" and maintains a high level of diversity in the area. Home and business owners love living in High Point because of its University undertones, heavy industrial presence, and mild year-round temperatures.

High Point certainly attracts quite a lot of diversity in its human habitation. However, it attracts a wide variety of bugs, mammals, and wildlife as well. Insects like mosquitoes and ticks love hiding out on residential and commercial properties, while invasive mammals like rats, mice, and bats find ways to break into even the safest homes. Home and business owners all over High Point are at risk for incoming pest infestations within the next few months.

The professional team at Eco Man Pest Solutions is prepared to face any pest threat for our High Point customers. Serving the pest control industry for over 15 years, our passion for keeping you safe from pests in High Point is clearer than ever. Want to learn more about how we can help? Call today to schedule an initial visit.

Residential Pest Control In High Point, NC

Every residential pest treatment from Eco Man Pest Solutions is built to last. Our customized options make it easy for homeowners to pick and choose the perfect solutions.

We serve residential communities all over High Point, including neighborhoods like:

  • Deep River 
  • Emerywood 
  • Florence 
  • Sandy Ridge 
  • Oakdale 
  • Delmar

Contact us today to learn more about our home pest control offerings in High Point. We have the right treatment options for you!

Commercial Pest Control In High Point, NC

If you own an establishment, you know just how important proper pest protection for your High Point business is. With nearly 20 years in the commercial pest control industry, Eco Man Pest Solutions helps you take back control over the mission and goals of your business.

We are proud to offer outstanding services to all of our clients, such as:

  1. Interior, exterior, garage, basement, and attic treatments.
  2. 100% customizable pest control plans.
  3. Treatments that are on your schedule, not ours.

Get a free commercial pest control estimate by calling Eco Man Pest Solutions today.

The Best Way To Protect Your High Point Backyard From Mosquitoes

Lots of people are familiar with the sight of mosquitoes around their High Point backyards. Although these biting pests are a dime a dozen, it is important to remember they are also extremely dangerous. Professional entomologists classify mosquitoes as the most dangerous creatures on the planet, capable of spreading diseases and causing hospitalizations. There is a significant risk of infection and illness with every bite received.

The following are some of the best ways to protect your High Point backyard from mosquito activity:

  • Continue to cut back vegetation and shrubbery as much as possible. Do not allow any shady harborage areas to appear in the yard. Keep the grass cut low, and prune back any overhanging tree branches. 
  • Drain any standing pools of water in the yard, including ditches, birdbaths, fountains, and any flower pots that could be holding moisture.
  • Get regular services from a professional company. Call in the mosquito control experts at Eco Man Pest Solutions.

By offering seasonal sprays and dustings, the Eco Man Pest Solutions team can manage mosquitoes during their most active seasons. Call now for a free estimate for your home or business.

What To Do If Bitten By A Tick In High Point

Tick bites are a constant threat in the High Point area. When insects burrow into your skin, you may be at risk for contracting serious illnesses such as Rocky Mountain spotted fever, Lyme disease, or even ehrlichiosis.

If you have been bitten by a tick in High Point, follow these helpful steps:

  1. Gather some supplies; a bottle of alcohol, a small container, and a pair of tweezers should do the trick. 
  2. Swab the tick with alcohol; this sterilizes the area and makes it more difficult for the tick to breathe. 
  3. Place tweezers as close as possible to the tick's head. Pull it out as cleanly and firmly as possible, and do not allow the tick head to remain in your skin. 
  4. Drop your tick into a container filled with alcohol; this will allow you to preserve the specimen for testing should you experience any symptoms.

If you are concerned that you may have contracted a tick-borne illness, report to a medical professional immediately. It is better to be safe than sorry, and in the case of a possible tick-borne disease, it is always the best option.

Once you have removed the tick, immediately reach out to the professionals at Eco Man Pest Solutions. Complete our online contact form to connect with a tick control representative in High Point as soon as possible.

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