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How To Get Rid Of Cockroaches In Durham Homes

Have you ever tried to kill a cockroach? It’s not easy! You can stomp on it with a boot, and somehow it will still scuttle away unscathed. A cockroach’s strong, flexible exoskeleton and ability to flatten itself makes it nearly impossible to squish. Say what you will about cockroaches, but they are survivors. In fact, they can even live up to a week without their heads!

For centuries, these formidable pests have been around, living among humans and depending on us for food, water, and shelter. Cockroaches are common in Durham, but far from harmless, as they contaminate food and carry infectious diseases. Don’t simply accept cockroaches as a fact of life - learn what you can do to prevent and get rid of them today.

The Dangers Of Cockroaches

Most people would agree that cockroaches are gross, but many don’t realize just how nasty and dangerous they really are. Roaches live and travel through sewers and drains, where they are exposed to a ton of germs and bacteria. They are also known to infest garbage in search of food scraps. After crawling through all kinds of waste, they come into your home, covered in filth and germs. They then contaminate surfaces and food, and potentially spread any diseases that they have picked up.

Cockroaches transmit numerous pathogens, such as salmonellosis, cholera, giardia, typhoid fever, E.coli, and dysentery. They can also cause severe allergic reactions and asthma attacks through their droppings, urine, and saliva. These unsanitary pests are downright dangerous and should not be ignored.

Identifying Cockroaches

The first step to preventing cockroaches is knowing how to identify them. You may think that all cockroaches are the same, but there are actually over 40,000 species worldwide. The most common cockroach species in Durham are German, American, and brown-banded cockroaches.

German Cockroaches

German cockroaches are the most common type of cockroach in the world. While they are typically associated with hotels, restaurants, food processing plants, and other facilities, it is not uncommon to find them in homes and apartments. They are about ½ - ⅝ inch long and are distinguishable by the two dark stripes that run along their tan or light-brown bodies. German cockroaches have wings but are more likely to run than fly.

American Cockroaches

The American cockroach is the largest species found in the U.S., sometimes measuring over two inches in length. These roaches are reddish-brown with a yellow pattern on the back of their heads and are winged and able to fly short distances. The American cockroach is commonly known as the palmetto bug, Bombay canary, and water bug.

Brown-Banded Cockroaches

Brown-banded cockroaches are the smallest of the three species, measuring no more than ½ inch long. They get their name from the two light-brown bands striping their darker brown bodies. While males have full wings, females have underdeveloped wings and are incapable of flight.

Preventing Cockroaches In Durham

For any type of cockroach, there are measures you can take to help prevent them from infesting your property. While they are extremely invasive pests and can be difficult to keep away, the following prevention tips will help reduce the likelihood of an infestation:

  • Inspect your home for any cracks, crevices, or holes. Seal any potential entry points with silicone caulk.
  • Install mesh screens on windows, doors, vents, and other openings.
  • Keep your kitchen clean and sanitized - sweep/wipe up crumbs, sanitize counters, wash dishes promptly.
  • Store garbage in cans with lids and dispose of it frequently.
  • Use sealed containers to store food.
  • Don’t leave pet food sitting out, as cockroaches will be attracted to it.
  • Vacuum your home at least once per week.
  • Reduce moisture and humidity in your home.
  • Clean up any debris in your yard.

Keeping a secure, clean, and organized home is the best way to keep roaches out. However, if cockroaches do become a problem on your property, be sure to call a professional pest control company right away.

Effective Cockroach Control In Durham

It is very challenging to eliminate an entire cockroach population on your own. Cockroaches are formidable, hard-to-kill pests, and they hide in locations that are difficult to access, like walls, vents, and drains. To ensure that your home will be 100% cockroach-free, contact The Eco Man Pest Solutions.

The Eco Man Pest Solutions proudly serves Durham, NC with eco-friendly pest control that is both safe and effective. Our experienced pest control technicians will thoroughly inspect your property for cockroaches and treat both the interior and exterior of your home. We mainly use environmentally-friendly products that are safer for your family and the planet without sacrificing results.

Don’t put up with unsanitary, hazardous pests in your home. For quality cockroach control in Durham you can count on, contact The Eco Man Pest Solutions today.

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