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Bed bug | The notorious vampires...

Bedbugs on love seat arm

Remember those nights when your parents tucked you in bed, kissed you and said "Don't let the Bed bug bite". Or, when you watched a scary vampire movie, and heard "I want to suck your blood". then you couldn't go to sleep after that? Well, both of those cliches are completely false. If you currently have, or ever experienced the unfortunate pleasure of getting Bedbugs in your home, then you understand the intense aggravation, fear and worry that sets in.

You are the primary food source, you're pets are secondary due to their consistent movement throughout the home, whereas humans tend to settle into one area for longer periods at a time then pets, making you easier prey. Generally, the first sign of Bed bug activity is bites, followed by consistent itching and scratching. That's normally an indication of location of closest activity, then we expand the search out from there within the rest of the potentially infected space.

People run straight to the internet for information, which generally is great for identification purposes, but begin reading the extreme horror stories and assume they have the same level of activity in their infected rooms. It's best to contact The Eco Man to determine where you're level may be currently...We classify Bed bug activity in three categories...LOW, MODERATE, AND HEAVY.

99.99% of most cases that we come across rank in the area of Low to Moderate at best, but there are those rare, extreme cases where people allow them to get into the Heavy category due to either lack of awareness of the type of pest their dealing with, or financial ability to afford treatment. That's why The Eco Man works with people to provide solutions to this dilemma at an affordable rate. Click here to see our rates per room. Here's a few bullet points that may assist you in identifying a possible Bed bug outbreak in your home.


  • Traveling

  • Hotels

  • Planes

  • Automobiles

  • Staying with relatives for a few days

  • Purchasing used furniture or bedding

  • Occupations that require you to visit elderly or sick individuals

  • Churches, hospitals, retirement communities, just about anywhere people venture


  • Bedrooms

  • Living Rooms

  • Dens

  • Closets

  • Mattresses & Boxsprings

  • Bed Frame(wooden or metal)

  • Sporadically in items placed underneath the, storage bins, boxes, etc...

  • Dressers & Nightstands

  • Lamp Shades

  • Bed Linings

  • Curtains

  • Cracks and crevices throughout the infected rooms

  • Gaps where carpets meet baseboards areas(if wide enough to squeeze into)

  • Furniture seams, gaps, around feet areas(fabric or leather)

  • Hanging items on the walls in infected areas

They're rarely seen in other areas of the home unless humans are moving items from infected spaces to uninfected areas due to lack of awareness that they have Bed bugs actively in their home. And if so, it's sporadic at best, one there.


Don't panic, remain calm...easier said then done right? But, it's better to contact The Eco Man, schedule an pretreatment inspection as soon as possible to determine what level you're currently at in this stressful process. You can email, text or call us from 8:00am-6:00pm Mon-Fri, or Sat from 8:00am-1:00pm to schedule your necessary appointment, then we'll patiently educate you on the problem, design a treatment solution that fits your budget.


The Eco Man Pest Solutions

(910) 709-5214

Visit us at for more details...

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