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"The aftermath of intense weather" A bug guys perspective...

Hurricane ahead sign

Unfortunately, all too many times we've seen or been in the direct path of mother nature...first Hurricane Harvey stormed through Texas, and now Hurricane Irma, and about 3 more storms behind her are ripping across the Caribbean, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Florida with reckless abandon, and quite possibly Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina leaving shredded evidence in it's wake.

These destructive hurricanes has already caused extensive damage, massive panic, and lost human lives during it's process of movement. Knowing all the information, and being as prepared as possible could make all the difference in survival. Here is a link to help you with preparedness...

Also, here's a Fox News weather center video clip of updates on the conditions in Southern Florida.


Let's work together to help all human beings to get through this ordeal...From The Eco Man Pest Solutions to all people in the paths of these storms...

"It's not about the bugs, it's about the "PEOPLE"

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