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Are pests still active during the winter season?

The winter weather season here in North Carolina, and around the country has been anything less than extreme to some. There's so many other issues that can and most often arise from snow, icy roads to electrical and heating outages.

But, the question I get the most during this time of the year is...Are pests still active during the winter season? My answer is always YES!

Here's a short list of just a few active pests during the cold months as long as they can inhabit warm areas.

1. Ants

2. Bed Bugs

3. Cockroaches

4. Fleas

5. Spiders

6. Stink Bugs

And many more...

These pests, like many others can still remain active with the right shelter, environment and weather permitting. Food plays a major role in their ability to adapt to the conditions such as cold weather. Anywhere humans go to stay warm, pests can do the exact same and continue to torment your sanctuary. Many other contributing factors are also needed for them to thrive in various areas in your home.

Starting a recurring pest service like our Quarterly or EcoPLUS pest service now will help in reducing their ability to bombard you in March. After this snowy week we've experienced, the weather going into next week is predicted to be much warmer and sunnier. Which means pest activity will likely resume.

We can handle all the above pest issues and more that may arise...please visit us at

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