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How can Mice enter my home?

The title says it all about Mice...I receive this question about pests more than anything other. I'll lay, and show you a few distinct areas in your home that will seem pretty obvious by the end of this blog. Mice can squeeze through the smallest gaps within various areas throughout your home or business. Here's a look at a few problem areas you may recognize.

Foundation vent areas are some of the most easily accessible entry points for Mice due to their ability to not handle damage from torn screens or broken vent covers. With proper maintenance overtime these areas can be maintained by The Eco Man using our IPM exclusion method.

This particular hole was once where a pipe ran through the foundation wall, but was reconfigured later. This is not normal for an entry point but non the less it'll suite Mice just fine in entering the structure.

HVAC lines that run through foundation walls can sometimes open up over time. This is also an easy point because the lines sit within close proximity to the ground, also a drain line that should be buried is giving more access to the entry area.

If crawlspace doors are not properly secured can allow easy access to underneath the structure. Because of repeated use over the life of a home, crawlspace doors become worn or even detached from the door frame.

Doors that lead to the exterior is probably of the most common entry points. This is why PMP's, Health Inspectors, and Commercial Audit companies stress the need for properly installed doorsweeps to prevent the entry of Mice and so many other pests that could cause damage to the interior of a home or business so easily. These areas should be inspected by homeowners, or staff on a regular basis to ensure compliance.

The Eco Man can assist anyone with these potential areas, along with many other areas with our Eco Exclusion service. Just visit to book your service today. Or call or text (910) 709-5214 or email

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