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A letter from our President & CEO How has Covid-19 affected our customers and our industry in 2020?

Since March 2020, many of our customers are experiencing an unprecedented change in our society here in America as well as globally due to Covid-19. Most customers have had to adjust every aspect of their lives, their families and even their pets . Our Industry has had to also adjust to meet a much higher than usual demand for pest services because our customers, old and new are now home more to see many more pests entering their homes. We are successfully meeting those demands with protections indoors like a mask, gloves and shoe covers which these items are a major part of our PPE requirements by the NC Department of Agriculture so it's much easier for many of us in the pest industry to transition to wearing PPE items all day while indoors or within 6 feet of fellow teammates with each of our customers in mind because I believe that we care about our customers as human beings and ensuring their safety as well as them doing the same for us because at this time it's absolutely necessary until we conquer this global disruption of humanity and the economy going through normal processes.

Also, our industry being part of the service sector is experiencing an economic boom like we've never seen due to the increased demand for our services along with many other service companies. But, on the downside other sector like restaurant and retail has seen a crushing blow to small businesses within OUR COUNTRY and many of our fellow business owners and friends most likely will never recover from this ordeal and must work harder to encourage each other to keep pushing, and most importantly keep moving FORWARD.

AND WE WILL... But I must also admit that I feel fortunate to still be enjoying my passion for helping others in the way our industry does it's part. But to the ones who have lost a loved one, a co-worker, a business or even a child due to these current TEMPORARY circumstances. I am with you in every way because we are ALL in this together...

STAY SAFE... The Eco Man


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