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The Easiest Way To Handle A Spider Infestation In Durham

Spiders in Durham are a part of life. Some people love them and others hate them, but the truth is that no one likes to find spiders in their home. If you have an infestation of spiders, professional pest control in Durham can get rid of them and help you stop attracting them in the future.

We do have a few species of spiders that you need to be aware of in Durham, however. The brown recluse and the black widow are two dangerous spiders that we see regularly. Dangerous or not, you don’t want spiders in your home, and Eco Man Pest Solutions can help with that. Read on to learn more about spiders, identifying a spider bite, and how professional pest control in Durham can help keep your home spider-free. 

Types Of Spiders You May Find In Your Home

There are different kinds of spiders crawling around throughout Durham. Here are a few of the venomous spiders you may see.

  • Black widow: The black widow spider is a small, shiny-black spider with a red hourglass shape on the underside of its abdomen. They are usually found in areas where they can catch insects to eat. Black widow spiders build webs that are funnel-shaped and hang from branches or fences.
  • Brown Recluse: The brown recluse was named for its habit of hiding in secluded places, such as in closets and under beds. The spider is usually between 11/16 inch to 23/32 inch long and has a dark brown violin-shaped mark on its back with some grayish-brown hairs.
  • Wolf spider: Wolf spiders are brown all over, and typically measure anywhere from 1/4 inch to 1 1/2 inches long. Wolf spiders are named for their hunting method; unlike typical spiders, they don’t create webs. Instead, they lay in wait like a wolf, and wait until an insect comes by that they can pounce on.
  • House spider: “House spider” applies to several common household spiders found in the United States, typically including yellow sac spiders, brown house spiders, cellar spiders, domestic house spiders, and American house spiders. The common link among these spiders is that, while they may appear threatening, they are all nonvenomous to humans. However, they can still be a pest if allowed to propagate around your property.

If you find a spider in your home, it is normal for panic to be your first reaction. With arachnophobia being a top five fear among Americans, you are probably not alone in this reaction, and if you believe the memes and cartoons, your only option may be to burn your house down to get rid of a tiny spider.

While spiders may be scary, burning your house down to eliminate spiders may be a bit of an overreaction. Most spiders aren’t dangerous; they would prefer to hide in the dark corners of the unused rooms of your home, hunting for other pests and avoiding human interaction.

However, seeing any of the above spiders is a cause to call for professional pest control. Professional pest control providers can eliminate any spider populations on your property and simultaneously eliminate the other pest pressures nearby that they might have been feeding on. 

How Can I Tell The Bite I Have Is A Spider Bite?

The easiest way to tell if a spider has bitten you is to see the spider that bit you. Otherwise, it can be tough to determine whether your bite came from a spider, ant, mosquito, or another pest.

If a venomous spider like a brown recluse or black widow bites you, you will experience more severe tell-tale symptoms. These include:

  • Fevers
  • Chills
  • Rash
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Trouble breathing

If a venomous spider bites you, you should seek medical help immediately. Go to urgent care or the hospital before your spider bite symptoms worsen. If possible, bring the spider that bit you with you for easy identification by the medical staff. 

A Spider Infestation Often Indicates A Bigger Problem

While many might ignore a minor spider infestation, it's essential to understand that these pests usually don't just appear out of nowhere. Instead, a spider infestation is often symptomatic of a more severe and significant pest problem in your home. 

Spiders are predators, which attracts them to areas where other pests may exist. If you have a common spider infestation, there is almost certainly an underlying issue, such as termites or cockroaches, that attracted them in the first place. 

If you suspect that you might have a spider infestation in your home, it's important to act quickly. The best way to deal with this issue is to enlist a professional pest control expert like those at Eco Man to diagnose and treat the underlying problem attracting these pests. Proper treatment ensures your home is free from all pests, not just spiders.

How Do I Get Rid Of Spiders And Their Prey In My Home?

The best way to get rid of spiders naturally is to prevent them from entering your home in the first place. You need to remove any food sources and make sure that there are no hiding places for them. 

Their food source is other insects, so getting rid of their prey helps keep spiders out of your house. If you have any holes in your wall or foundation where spiders and other insects could enter, seal it up with caulk or repair it with mortar. Keeping clutter out of your house also deters spiders and other insects from making themselves at home in your house.

Water attracts both insects and spiders alike. Getting rid of water sources they can access, such as leaky pipes under sinks, leaky faucets in bathrooms, and water sprinklers around plants, will help prevent spiders in your home. 

How Do I Permanently Get Rid Of All The Spiders In My Home?

If you're serious about getting rid of spiders in Durham, you should look for professional spider pest control. While most species of spiders are harmless and not the terrifying pest we think they are, you still don’t want them around your home. The best way to keep spiders out of your home is to work with pest professionals like The Eco Man Pest Solutions.

We can develop a custom home pest control plan for your home. Our home pest control plans are great for spider control and can also treat and prevent other common Durham pests that attract those spiders.

The best way to handle a spider infestation is to work with The Eco Man Pest Solutions. Our expert technicians can inspect your home and offer advice on the best service options for your specific situation, whether it is dangerous spiders or just common household spiders. 

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