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The Trick To Dealing With Bat Infestations In Durham

The Trick To Dealing With Bat Infestations In Durham

There are a surprising number of misconceptions regarding bats. When we get calls for bat control or bat removal, we're often surprised at how little residents in Durham know about bats. First, it is important to understand that brown bats are usually the bats that create a pest issue and most of the time, these bats are beneficial animals. When these critters aren't trying to get into your attic, they're eating a truckload of mosquitoes. Are bats effective mosquito control? No. It is best to hire a licensed professional for the control of mosquitoes. But bats certainly play an important role. If you're currently dealing with a bat infestation in your Durham home and you're curious how to control bats in the attic or wall voids, we have some facts to share that could give you some important insight. Let's take a look.

How Common Are Bat Infestations In Durham

Bat infestations aren't common, but they do happen quite a bit. When they do, it can be confusing as to what you need to do about them. Many residents call animal control before they call us. Does animal control remove bats? Not usually. They're more focused on domesticated animal issues or wildlife that present an imminent danger, such as a tiger that has escaped from the zoo. They're not much help with a bat problem. We're the ones to call for bat control in Durham. Our technicians can not only remove the bats in your attic or wall voids, but we can also provide a solution to prevent future bat infestations. When bats invade, you don't need animal control, you need wildlife management. 

What To Do If You Find A Bat In Your House

Bat pest control is complicated, and most residents don't know how to control bats in the attic or wall voids. When residents attempt to capture and remove bats, they tend to have less than desirable results. We recommend professional bat control in Durham to achieve the best results. While bats don't typically bite, they can bite when frightened. This often occurs during DIY bat removal. 

It is important to be aware that bats are a significant threat for rabies. They are one of four mammals in the U.S. that most commonly spread this disease. The list also includes raccoons, skunks, and foxes. Rabies is a viral zoonotic disease that creates progressive inflammation in the brain and spinal cord. If not treated, it can be fatal. Fortunately, most rabies cases are caught early and there is a treatment available.

How Do I Get Rid Of Bats On My Own?

If you're committed to taking care of your own bat problem, we would recommend using products that allow bats to get out of the space they're infesting but prevent them from getting back inside. These one-way doors can be purchased through online retailers. Keep in mind that climbing ladders is hazardous, that other bat control methods might need to be employed, and that it is essential to clean the contaminated area. If you tackle this yourself, be careful and wear protective gear. As you prepare to install one-way doors, you'll need to inspect the exterior of your home and look for black marks around holes or gaps. This is where the bats are going in and out of the structure, and these points are where you'll want to install your devices. Be careful that you don't trap any bats inside your home and prevent them from getting out. This can lead to some very unfortunate results, such as bats flying around inside the common areas of your home.

Professional Bat Control Services in Durham

If you want the best results and a comprehensive solution for bats in Durham, let the trained technicians here at The Eco Man Pest Solutions assist you with your bat pest control. Our service team adheres to all laws regarding bats and bat removal, and we provide all of the services necessary to mitigate health threats and provide lasting protection from unwanted bat infestations. If you need pest control for bats in your attic, The Eco Man Pest Solutions is the right choice. We'll use the products that work, deploy them according to field-tested methods, and evaluate the success of the control program. When we're done, you'll be able to rest easy knowing that your bat issue has been properly addressed.

Take The Next Step

For more information about pest control for bats in your attic or to schedule a visit from one of our friendly and knowledgeable wildlife management team members, reach out to The Eco Man Pest Solutions today. We're here to help you find the right solutions to your pest control issues. We are your Durham bat experts. Get connected today!

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