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Trusted Pest Control In Wake Forest, NC

While Wake Forest can boast very close proximity to both bustling cities of Durham and Raleigh, the town itself has so much to offer. The center of town boasts locally-owned businesses like eclectic coffee shops, breweries, bakeries, and more. But people love to call Wake Forest home because it's the perfect blend of Southern charm while also being a pretty up-and-coming spot. With mild conditions throughout the year, many people appreciate the climate; however, it also means a constant flow of pests that will invade your home or business. That’s why The Eco Man is here to provide you with answers for all of your pests problems. With more than 25 years of experience in pest control, we’re able to bring our customers top-quality solutions that are both safe for themselves and the environment. For more information on how we can keep your property pest-free all year long, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Wake Forest, NC

Your home is the place you look forward to being after a long day, but when pest infestations happen, they only create more stress. At The Eco Man, it’s our priority to provide you with treatments that are not only safe, but they’re also extremely effective as well. We begin every process with a thorough examination of your property that follows Integrated Pest Management guidelines. 

What this means for you is that our expert technicians will not simply be applying chemical treatments “just because,” but rather, we want to understand your property in its entirety, taking into account ecological and structural factors that could lead to an infestation. We focus on pest activity, hot spots, entry points, and more. From there, we treat accordingly with essential oil-based products that are safe and effective. In addition to our general pest control services, we provide homeowners with targeted solutions for termites, wildlife, rodents, and mosquitoes, as well as residential cleaning, so that we have you covered no matter the issue. Contact The Eco Man today to learn more about how we can help keep your home safe from pests

Commercial Pest Control In Wake Forest, NC

No business owner wants pests on their property, but sometimes things happen that are out of your control. That’s why at The Eco Man, we’re dedicated to providing businesses with both proactive and corrective pest control solutions. Utilizing Integrated Pest Management, we work to understand the entire scope of your property so that we can treat it methodically, not treat it with unnecessary chemicals. After our initial inspection, we’ll work together to determine what treatments will be most effective for your unique situation. When it comes to taking your pest problems seriously, The Eco Man is the team for you. We always put people first and will do everything in our power to keep pests off of your property. With more than 25 years of experience in pest control, we have the know-how to keep your business safe. Contact us today for more information!

What To Do About Rats On Your Wake Forest Property

Rats are disease-spreading scavengers that want to get inside your Wake Forest property when they need food or when the weather changes. Here are a few ways to keep rats off of your property:

  • Rats are climbers, so property owners can start by trimming back overhanging tree branches, hedges, and any other ways rats might access your property. 
  • Always make sure that your home or building is sealed with rodent-proof materials like wire mesh, and sheet metal. Also, look to fill gaps around windows and doors, and refrain from leaving doors open for extended periods of time. 
  • Inside of your home, be sure to pay special attention to your food. This means everything from storing food and pantry items in airtight containers, using a garbage bin with a secure lid, taking out the trash regularly, and always cleaning up spills and crumbs thoroughly. 
  • Because rats seek damp, dark, secluded places like attics, basements, and crawlspaces, make sure that these places are well ventilated. 
  • Always call the pros! Rats are very hard to get rid of once you have them, and while inside your property, they cause significant structural damage and spread disease. That's why it's never too early or late to contact pest professionals. 

For more information on keeping rats off of your property, contact The Eco Man today. 

Expert Advice On Ant Control For Your Wake Forest Home

Ants are a very common occurrence in Wake Forest homes, but they don't have to be. Here are a few tips that are aimed at keeping them at bay:

  • Seal up crevices around your home with items like caulk, weatherstripping, and door sweeps, and always repair worn window and door screens. 
  • Keep your food securely stored and avoid leaving anything out that's uncovered. 
  • Use a garbage bin with a lid and be sure to take out the trash regularly. Also, avoid leaving behind any spills or crumbs in your garbage bin. 
  • Tend to spills, crumbs, and other food bits by cleaning them up thoroughly. 
  • Ants may also congregate around areas with moisture issues, so be sure to fix leaky pipes, faucets, and even toilets. 

For more information on how you can keep your home ant-free, contact The Eco Man today.

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The fire ants were all in my yard. Shuvar & Eco Man came and did a great job, and explained to me the process. Thank you so much... All gone


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