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Wildlife Identification & Prevention


What is wildlife?

Wildlife are animals that live without the help of people. Unlike domesticated animals like cats and dogs that need people to provide them with food and shelter, wild animals fend for themselves. The problem is that as people have taken over more and more of the habitats of wild animals, they have learned to live near people and take advantage of the food, water, and shelter we unintentionally provide them. 

Wild animals that regularly visit our North Carolina properties without invitation include:

  • Bats
  • Birds
  • Squirrels
  • Opossums
  • Raccoons

Is wildlife dangerous?

Most wildlife does its best to stay away from people, but that doesn't mean they aren't dangerous to us and our pets. Wild animals that become trapped or feel threatened retaliate by biting or scratching.

Physical danger isn't the only reason we don't want wild animals living on our properties and near our families; they can cause a whole host of other problems, including:

  • Damage to lawns and gardens.
  • Damage to building foundations from tunneling.
  • Damage to vents, siding, and shingles.
  • The spread of diseases, bacteria, and parasites.
  • Unpleasant odors.

Why do I have a wildlife problem?

Wildlife can become a problem on any property; you don't have to live in the country to have run-ins with these pests. Many wild animals have adapted quite well to urban life and live successfully in rural or urban environments.

Wild animals will take advantage of any property that offers them easy access to food, water, and shelter. Once comfortable in our outdoor spaces, some wild animals will take advantage of the entrances they discover in our homes. The safe shelter and controlled temperatures our homes provide are too good for them to pass up.

Where will I find wildlife?

Wildlife can be found in a variety of places in our yards and homes, depending on their specific species.

Bats like to roost in attics and roof eaves, and at dusk and dawn, you'll see them swooping around our yards hunting their insect prey.

Birds will build their nests in many places, including gutters, vents, attics, trees, and shrubs. They are active during the day, and you'll often see them flying around, searching for food and water sources.

Raccoons like to burrow in woodpiles, next to rivers or ponds, and under decks or dumpsters. Inside our homes, chimneys, attics, and crawl spaces can also provide housing for raccoons. Rural areas near wooded areas, streams, or ponds are most prone to problems with raccoons.

Squirrels live near wooded areas and parks where trees are plentiful. Residential tree-lined neighborhoods are also very attractive to squirrels. When they move into our homes, they are likely to nest behind wall voids, in attics, vents, or chimneys.

Opossums typically inhabit areas near streams in swamps, fields, or wooded areas. When living in our yards, opossums live in trees, under decks, and in woodpiles. Outbuildings like garages and sheds are other places opossums like to call home.

How do I get rid of wildlife?

To rid your Durham property of wildlife, partner with experienced professionals. With over 25 years in the pest control industry, the professionals at Eco Man Pest Solutions have been helping home, and business owners in Durham, NC protect their properties from wildlife. We work closely with our customers using innovative and natural products and Integrated Pest Management techniques to humanely remove troublesome wildlife.

Eco Man Pest Solutions is committed to our customers and providing the most comprehensive and eco-friendly pest control services possible, ensuring happy customers and pest-free properties. To learn more about our wildlife control options, give us a call today!

Learn more about how our team can effectively eliminate wildlife from your Durham area business.

How can I prevent wildlife in the future?

The following five easy steps will help you prevent problems with wildlife in your Durham yard and home:

  1. Trim back tree branches from the exterior of your house.
  2. Make sure outdoor garbage cans and compost bins have locking lids and place bricks or another heavy object in the bottom of trash cans to keep them from tipping over. 
  3. Remove bird and wild animal feeders from your property.
  4. Get rid of excess woodpiles, rock piles, and piles of debris from your property.
  5. Place mesh around decks and sheds to help prevent critters from burrowing underneath. Fix holes along the roofline, at roof intersections, and any other openings that could provide an entrance into your home.

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