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Zebulon, NC Pest Control

Reliable Pest Control In Zebulon, NC

Only a matter of minutes from the center of Raleigh, the small town of Zebulon offers residents an idyllic setting for everyday life. With a collection of small and big businesses, good schools, and access to outdoor adventures beyond the town limits, people who live here have everything. Given the relatively mild yet wet climate that Zebulon produces, homes and businesses are at constant threat of pest infestations. 

At The Eco Man Pest Solutions, we’re dedicated to providing Zebulon residents with premier pest control that is proven safe and effective. With more than 25 years of combined experience, we pride ourselves on being able to handle any pest situation, big or small. We tackle every pest issue with a safety-first approach so that you never have to take risks in order to get rid of any invaders. If you’re looking for ongoing or reparative pest control solutions that put people first, contact The Eco Man Pest Solutions today.

Residential Pest Control In Zebulon, NC

At The Eco Man Pest Solutions, we believe that every homeowner in Zebulon deserves top-notch pest control that doesn't pose any potential health risks. That’s why our emphasis has always been on eco-friendly, low-impact products and safe practices. We start every process with a thorough inspection of your entire property, looking for current activity, hot spots, and entry points. Utilizing Integrated Pest Management methods, we’re able to treat your property from an environmental and biological standpoint first and then turn to minimal chemical application if needed. In addition to the plans that we offer for ongoing pest control, we also provide targeted solutions for pests like bed bugs, rodents, wildlife, and mosquitoes. This means that you can rest assured that you’re covered, no matter the situation. To learn more about our home pest control services and to receive your free quote, contact The Eco Man Pest Solutions today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Zebulon, NC

Pest problems can be very detrimental for local businesses, but they don't have to be. When you work with The Eco Man Pest Solutions, we strive to provide you with the highest quality of preventive services, but we’re also there for customers who have faced a pest problem and need the problem corrected. We provide businesses with ongoing maintenance to fit their schedule, sometimes occurring on a quarterly, bi-monthly, or monthly basis, and other times, we provide one-time services. No matter what the situation calls for, your business will always receive eco-friendly treatments that follow strict Integrated Pest Management protocols for your complete protection. Following these standards creates long-lasting results for your business so that you no longer have to endure the closures and dangers that come with pest problems. For more information on how your business can benefit from our services, contact The Eco Man Pest Solutions today.

Wildlife Management Methods All Zebulon Residents Should Know About

Wildlife like skunks, squirrels, and raccoons are plentiful in Zebulon, but they are also dangerous. These pests bring with them a slew of parasites like fleas, ticks, mites, and bed bugs, as well as illnesses and dangerous pathogens like rabies. Here are a few management methods that local residents should know about:

  • When storing trash outside, make sure that it is securely stored, either with clamps or locks. Store garbage in garages and sheds when possible. 
  • Opt for sprinklers and porch lights to scare off wildlife. 
  • Put your pets to work, as many wildlife will flee if they see a dog or cat in your yard. 
  • Clean up yard debris like leaf piles, woodpiles, brush, and any shrubs or trees that are overgrown. 
  • If you grow any fruit trees, be sure to clean up fallen fruit. 

Don’t let unpredictable pests put your home at risk. For more information on our safe yet effective wildlife management methods, contact The Eco Man Pest Solutions today. 

The Difference Between DIY and Professional Mosquito Control In Zebulon

Mosquitoes can make your life in Zebulon very difficult, as they are on the hunt for blood for the majority of the year in order to reproduce. When it comes to DIY prevention techniques, they entail sweating less, using unscented personal items, wearing light-colored clothing, spending less time outside during dusk and dawn, and using products like picaridin and DEET. And while some of these techniques might work, they are very restrictive. They don't address the 85% of variability that comes from genetic factors and they also don’t get at the root cause of mosquito problems, which means that the mosquitoes will just keep returning. 

However, when you opt for professional protection from The Eco Man Pest Solutions, we utilize Integrated Pest Management and low-impact products to treat your property in its entirety. We provide homeowners and businesses with comprehensive seasonal treatments that help you enjoy your property mosquito-free. For more information on our services, contact The Eco Man Pest Solutions today.

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