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"Rodents"...Not the cute story of the three blind Mice, but somewhat relative...

Remember the tall tale of the three blind Mice? Well, there is some relevance to that due to the fact that Mice are born with film over their eyes that blurs vision. It typically happens during the birthing process coming out of the mothers canal. Which means that Mice have to rely greatly on their other senses like, taste, touch, hear and smell.

When we sometimes think of Mice, we think...small, cute and possibly harmless. But, what if there were more than one in your home, I've gotten an increased number of calls, emails and texts with various questions regarding Mice and what The Eco Man can do about it.

So, here's a few indicators to alert you when these tiny creatures invade your home at anytime of the year.

How do Mice enter my home?

  • Through torn, cracked or missing foundation vents!

  • Around exposed gas lines!

  • Around exposed utility lines, and pipes that lead through the foundation walls!

  • Underneath doorway thresholds!

  • Along power lines and tree branches that touch your home!

Why and what are they doing primarily in my kitchen?

  • Feeding on just about anything that you eat and enjoy, including pet food and bird seeds!

  • Transporting edible items to potential nesting locations such as attics, basements and crawlspaces!

What signs will I see if Mice are present in my home?​

  • Fecal droppings in various rooms!

  • Gnawing of food items, electrical wiring, boxes...etc!

  • Urine odors!

  • Discovered, relocated pet food behind and underneath appliances!

Our goal to assist, educate and provide you with long term solutions to your Rodent issues. Because being comfortable in your home isn't too much to ask. "It's not about the Bugs, it's about the PEOPLE".

Call or text us today at (910) 709-5214, or email us at to ask questions, schedule an inspection of your home, or get more details about the options we provide to you.

You can now even book your pest service online here, or visit

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