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"Is the Mild Winter Weather Causing Increased Pest Activity in Your Homes?"

Like most people these days, we're all amazed by the mildly cold to spring like warmth so early within what is typically much colder temps. While we're not complaining about it, neither are the pests, who seek to find their way back to typical destinations inside your home. Let's talk about a few of those specific species and how The Eco Man can control them.

One insect I'm amazed, but not surprised to see, based on the warmer weather conditions is the Odorous House Ant that we're getting text and call requests for service. They generally will begin to appear in kitchens on counters, tables and floors, bathrooms along tubs, showers, sinks, dining rooms, doorways, baseboards and just about anywhere moisture, sugary foods and ingredients are present. As I educate my customers that they move through exposed cracks and crevices to these areas from early sporadic stages that progress as time goes on, and will remain consistent until addressed.

I've always tried addressing them from their most logical starting point and work backwards to their origin. That most often will provide better long term results of maintaining low to no levels. We always recommend caulking and sealing easily accessible areas, which after treating those areas internally delivers the best solutions. Here's a shot of them below for reference.

The next pest is the American Cockroach, which can be active all year long in North Carolina. They can be found throughout the homes one here or there, but never an infesting species of the Cockroach unless a moisture leak is present. Most people mistake them for the infesting species of the Cockroach, The German Cockroach, but that's why PMP's exist, as educators to the public to ensure their health and environment remains as free as possible from pests developments. Here's a pic for reference below.

We recommend recurring services throughout the year to combat these along with many other insects that invade your home. A Quarterly service is the most common choice for residents in the Triangle region. Here's a link for more info and to even book your service.

Or Text or Call us with any curious questions at 910-709-5214, or email us at

Kevin From The Eco Man


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