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Q&A with The Eco Man Customers?

The Eco Man has been receiving various questions this time of the year from many of our

customers, that could serve as a useful tool to others who sometimes have the exact same

questions. Here are just a few questions and answers below...

Q. Why are various pests still present even this time of the year?

A. Well, there's many determining factors like...temperature, specific season, weather outlook daily whether sunny, cloudy, icy, rainy and so on! And, since we're getting many more warmer days than usual, it tends to signal pests that it's safe to come out and seek food earlier!

Q. Why do I tend to see pests in my kitchen, and/or bathroom more than anywhere else?

A. Kitchens and bathrooms water lines give off condensation, excessive moisture, leaks(causing pools of moisture to build up), which typically attract pests there at a faster rate, and easy access to food products doesn't help either... kinda like a "FREE" sign posted for people!

Q. Should I be concerned if I see more than one Cockroach in my home?

A. It depends! But, let me expand on that answer...Most homes will never experience the perceived fears, habits, life cycles of the notorious German Cockroach with that of the other likely, more common species of the Cockroach family known as the American Cockroach, and the SmokyBrown Cockroach...which you will see them randomly throughout the house, one

here or there sightings! I'll determine which species it is during the inspection.

Q. Where do pests hibernate/overwinter during the winter?

A. Many species of pests like Ants, Cockroaches and Mice must find warmer places to overwinter in the fall as temps begin their decline toward a full days winter. Some make it, many pests do not and die off or never hatch before the cold temps. Some places on or within your home like underneath exterior sidings, brick veneer weepholes, cracks and crevices on structures, slab pours around the house, inside garages and stored items. Also, indoors can become prevalent areas for pests to overwinter like atticspaces.

Having a recurring service is a great thing during the colder seasons because a PRO can prevent and control overwintering in these areas possibly decreasing pest activity during the warm seasons.

Call, Text, Email or Book online and schedule your proactive pest service today...

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