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"Is there an EAR in my WIG"


I've heard several myths as to how this unique insect referred to as the "EARWIG" got it's

name, but my favorite has to be the one where people in earlier times such as women, judges,

lawyers and members of congress. It's believed that these insects would nest in the wigs in

heavy numbers when taken off and placed in storage until used again. Wearers of the wigs

would complain they would be bitten with the forceps(end of abdomen, pic seen above) of

the "Earwig" on the ear of all places.

Well, that's just one of many unproven myths that exist

in the insect landscape, but let's talk about the reality of what homeowners and

businesses deal with.

Here's a few bullet-points from my years of experience assisting customers with these pesky critters.

  • Primarily seen after a rainfall in large numbers in various areas like, basements, garages, mostly within slab home constructions which sit closer to the soil making for easier entry.

  • The forceps on the rear abdomen serve as a defense mechanism against other insects.

  • Plants like rose bushes are one of the many food sources they feed on, homes with excessive flowers within close proximity to the home may experience more activity then homes without any plants around them..."Less is More".

  • They are not poisonous, nor do they sting. The forceps typically won't break the skin. If picked up by humans you most often would barely feel a pinch from the forceps.

  • They can infest in large numbers if gone unnoticed and untreated.

If you, or someone you has a consistent Earwig problem in or around your home. Don't panic...just visit our website

Or call us with any pest questions you may have at (910) 709-5214

Read some of our other fun articles on various pests you may see in and around your home by checking out The Eco Man Blog page.

"It's not about the Bugs, It's about the PEOPLE"

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